Saturday, August 22, 2009

Random Perl 6 Thoughts

A number of interesting thoughts flitted through my head when I was out walking this morning. (At least, I hope people find them interesting.) I jotted one line down for each when I got home, and now I'm trying to reconstruct them in full.

There are two major components I'd still like to get into Vector. Yesterday I started trying to figure out how to use postcircumfix to allow users to treat a Vector as is it is an array of coordinates. That is to say, instead of $vector.coordinates[1], you'd say $vector[1]. This is definitely supposed to be possible in Perl 6, but I was utterly unable to get it to work in Rakudo. Of course, I don't know that I was using the proper syntax. I definitely know I didn't understand the examples in the spec. (In my defense, there are no examples of how you'd use this feature in practice there.)

Second, I'm still frustrated by the Rakudobug that prevents you from overloading an operator using code that depends on another version of that operator. My solution of just choosing some Unicode character that gave the impression of standard ASCII character I really wanted to use was enough to get me going, but it offends my sense of elegance. I've decided to prefix the proper ASCII operator with "V" (for Vector) instead for now, which strikes me as slightly better, but still falling short of proper Perl 6. (If only I had another day each week so I could spend some time hacking Rakudo itself, going after this bug would be my first priority...)

Moving on to the bigger picture, I got to wondering if it might be worth having a web page that points to the github repos of the various Perl 6 coding projects going on. As much as anything this was prompted by seeing Moritz's cool post on visualizing match objects and not knowing where I could grab his SVG::MatchDumper code. I know it's probably too soon to have a Perl 6 CPAN, but it's never too soon to make it easy for people to find cool Perl 6 code.

That got me thinking about Masak's Druid project, and how cool it would be to write AI players for that. I've always wanted to try my hand at that sort of thing, but except for some brief and fun attempts in college I've never actually gotten around to it. Of course, not having any clue of workable Druid strategies would make this trickier.

Which made me think how fun it would be to have a Risk game in Perl 6, with hot-plug-able AI players so people could pit their code other's code in battle. I'm presuming there's some way to eval a class from a string, passing the result into a harness which controls that class's interaction with the main game structure....


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