Sunday, March 21, 2010

Apologies and Vector Again

In my last post I griped a bit about the lack of progress on several of the issues that have been bothering me. Well, it turns out there is a sad explanation for why things have been slow. I came into the Perl 6 sphere after the previous cancer bout referred to here, so this was a complete surprise for me. Of course Patrick's wife's health is vastly more important than getting my toy program working. I wish them both all the best.

In the meanwhile, while that stuff hasn't been fixed, there's apparently been a huge wave of progress with the metaops in the last week -- enough so that I thought it might be worth trying Vector again. And, well... It blew up compiling with a pretty obscure error message. Pretty easy to guess the source of the problem, though:

> my @a = 1..3; my @b = 3..5; say @a >>*<< @b
> my @a = 1..3; my @b = 3..5; say @a »*« @b
Confused at line 1, near "say @a \x{c2}\x{bb}*"

So Texas hyper-ops work, but the proper ones do not. Well, that's an easy enough change.

Hmmm... next issue: is also is history. It's augment now. That's easy enough. And then you get Can't augment class Vector without 'use MONKEY_TYPING'. Which is also easy to fix.

Next error, though is

error:imcc:syntax error, unexpected '\n'
in file 'EVAL_5' line 58
Contextual $*PKGDECL not found

Ummm... I've got nothing. Any one have an idea what this might mean?