Friday, November 27, 2009


Rakudo has been fixed, and the code I've been trying to get work for a month works beautifully now! If I understand the fix properly, the problem was in Rat addition's call to The code was very dumb, so it always tried set the denominator of the new Rat to the product of the denominators of the two numbers being added. Rakudo's Ints are really Int32 right now (more or less), so if that product was equal to or greater than 2**31, it was autoconverted to Num. But the which takes positional arguments takes Ints, so it wouldn't dispatch to that. Instead it would try to dispatch to the default autogenerated named argument form of But that only takes the implicit self parameter, and we were sending it self, Int, Num -- thus the "too many positional arguments: 3 passed, 1 expected" error!

Rakudo now autoconverts this case (424/61731 + 832/61731) to Num to avoid the overflow in the denominator. Obviously this is less than ideal -- a denominator of 61731 would work fine for this sum -- but it does work. And how! Gone are the mysterious crashes and errors. With the number of samples cranked up, the curves look beautiful.

Now I just need to do a bit of polishing to the output and figure out how to post it to the blog. I'm definitely feeling I've accomplished something cool in Perl 6....

PS Aha! Preview graphic, I'll explain what it means next time.
NUBS curve and the three polynomials it is built from

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