Saturday, September 19, 2009

NURBS Knot Vectors In Perl 6 (part 3)

Well, instead of being a slick demonstration of how powerful Perl 6 is, it has turned into a slog to find something the current Rakudo is happy with. The beautiful hyper-equation of my last post has turned into a dull and confusing series of little hyperoperations (and one which got expanded because the hyperoperator just wouldn't work).

I think all the bugs I've encountered here have already been reported, but I'm not sure. If anyone has suggestions on how to ably search RT, I'm all ears. My attempts so far have been painfully clumsy, to the point where my inclination is either to not report if I think it's likely to have been reported so far, or just report it without searching.

At any rate, let me finish by quickly sketching out a NUBS (Non-Uniform BSpline) curve class. This isn't quite as powerful a tool as a NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational BSpline), but it's still pretty powerful, and it's dead easy to implement the basic evaluate function with the tools we have so far.

Combined with the Vector class, this allows you to easily define N-dimensional NUBS curves. But we don't force the control points to be Vectors -- you can get a NUBS representation of polynomials over reals or complexes easily using this too, and if you have your own Vector class you'd prefer, that should work too, as long as you have scalar multiplication and vector addition implemented using * and +.

I do have one interesting twist left for another post on the KnotVector class, something I've always wanted to do that wasn't very practical in C++. And then I will work on expanding Nubs, and implmenting a proper Nurbs class, and looking at more complicated structures for each (surfaces, etc).

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